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OSHA Defense and Compliance

OSHA Defense and Compliance Attorney in Lafayette, La

Workplace injuries happen at the worksite more often than you think. At the Law Offices of John Barrow, call us first, and we can investigate the accident by interviewing employees and gathering evidence while ensuring your business follows the proper protocol following a workplace injury.
Our team can guide you through the OSHA reporting procedures and inspection and, if necessary, prepare your citation defense.

Let Our Veteran OSHA Lawyers Help You:

  • Defend against OSHA citations.
  • Reduce the severity of OSHA violation to avoid the consequences of being placed on OSHA’s Severe Violator Enforcement Program list.
  • Quick response following a worksite injury or fatality to create a more controlled and carefully managed response to the situation at hand, while we ensure compliance with all state and federal laws.
  • Prepare an emergency action plan so your supervisors and employees know what to do if disaster strikes and how to comply with investigators without exposing your business to unnecessary liability.
  • Guide you through the OSHA reporting and inspection process.
  • Advocate for you during FDA or other government agency investigations.
  • Serve as oversight counsel for a range of liability issues related to worksite accidents – from helping company owners and management prepare for investigative interviews to advising about potential insurance exclusions that may limit a successful claim.
  • Create safety plans to prevent workplace accidents and develop training programs that ensure your employees have the required and necessary training to complete their job duties safely and responsibly, proactively taking care of potential OSHA violations before they can even be cited.